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Semi-auto Drilling Machine for Tire Mold

The company's leading products include movable die CNC milling machines, two-half die five-axis CNC milling machines, CNC lettering machines, cutter grinders, drilling machines, graphite carving and milling machines, gantry milling machines, vertical machining centers, etc., and it also has its own tire mold experimental factory, and also provides all-steel mold production equipment with independent intellectual property rights - various CNC machine tools, and undertakes the maintenance of various tire molds.


Semi-auto Drilling Machine for Tire Mold


Semi-auto drilling machine YF-ZK1000 is researched and developed by our company.
The whole machine structure is designed according to man-machine engineering and the reasonable layout is based on the feature of small diameter and deep hole processing of tire mold.The process of drilling hole is automatic one,which effectively reduces operating intensity of labor.The clamping operation with high efficiency is convenient and practical while semi-automatic location mode is flexible.
Machine parts having enough rigidity plus using advanced CNC control system (processing parameters setting is subject to the working conditions)result in high automation,steady accuracy,simple,safe and reliable operation(tool wearing alarm provided).So,the machine offers an ideal solution for tire mold venting hole processing.




Materials to be processed

Steel 45#,aluminum alloy,etc

Machine weight


Swing angle of spindle head


Drill stroke


Adjustable pillar stroke


Horizontal adjustable stroke


Max.spindle speed

 24000 rpm

Spindle operation mode

Continuously variable pneumatically


Work piece fixing mode

Pattern block fixture clamped pneumatically

Side plate fixture clamped by self damping

Boundary dimension of machine

L:1850 ×W:1850×H:2100 mm


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